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Some questions you might have

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How do the meals work? 

One of the highlights of this festival is that we gather twice a day to break bread, give thanks and enjoy one another's company over a lovingly cooked meal by our incredible catering team on site. 

PLEASE NOTE the Communal Meal Ticket is an optional extra (you can bring your own food if you prefer), but we highly recommend joining in the festivities, there is great joy and much ease to be had in eating as one big family.

On New Year's Eve there will be a complementary banquet and celebration for all. 


*We aim to cater to a variety of tastes but please let us know in advance if you have and allergies or strict dietary restrictions. 
**Please note that only dinner will be served on the day of arrival, and only brunch on the day of departure. 


Can I buy additional food at the festival?

Yes, besides the optional communal meals you will be able to buy wraps, coffees, cacaos, smoothies, juices and delicious treats from our various pop up stalls. Please also feel free to bring whatever other snacks you would like along with you. For safety reasons, no braais are allowed on site. 


Parents, don't forget to pack sufficient snacks for your kiddies. 


What is your policy around alcohol? 

We will not be selling any alcohol at Thrive in 2024/5. Our intention is steered towards creating deep connection whilst being fully present.

We will have an amazing botanical cocktail, kombucha and elixir bar, as well as other great drinking options. 


You are welcome to bring whatever other drinks you would like with you to your campsite. 



How old does my child have to be to partake in the kids camp? 

If your child is old enough to be left alone and play in a group they are most welcome at the kiddies camp. The camp will be split into a kiddies section and a teenager section with carefully curated activities by our team of teachers and facilitators. Ultimately it's up to each parent to decide what activities are suitable for their child and for how long. 

All young kiddies will need to sign in and out of the camp with a designated parent. 


Will my child be taken care of for the whole day?

The conscious kids camp will be scheduled parallel to the adult workshops and classes during the day. There will, however, be breaks and meal times in between, in which you will need to please take care of your little ones. 


Kids are also more than welcome to take part in many of the dance and live music sessions with their parents during the day. 


Is there any entertainment on offer for the kids in the evenings? 

Yes, there will be an outdoor movie theatre in the evening for kids of suitable age. We will also have an art station always ready for kids to be creative with when the kids workshops have finished. 




Is this a retreat or a festival?


It’s both! Thrive offers all of the depth and intimacy of a wellness retreat with all of the breadth and connection of a music festival. Our focus is on curating a beautiful, held space in which to rest, rejuvenate and reconnect as well as dance, celebrate and make new friends, 

What are the bathroom facilities like?

The land has pre built toilets and showers with plenty of hot water for everyone. 


Is this a cashless event?

No, you will be able to pay for any items you may like to purchase at our stalls with cash or snapscan. 


How do the ticketing tiers work?

Like many other events of this kind ticket prices are staggered towards the event date. In line with our ethos of building a Thriving community we have offered a substantial discount to those who buy into this event early. 


Your early commitment makes a world of difference in us being able to plan ahead so that we can put on the best possible show for you that we can. 


Can I make ticket payments in instalments? 

If you are unable to cover the full ticket price now but would nevertheless like to secure your place, please reach out to us and we will assist you with a payment plan.


How does volunteering work?

We have limited volunteer tickets on offer. If this is exactly the kind of event that you would love to get your hands stuck into, or if the ticket price feels prohibitive at this time, please reach out to us and we can discuss a potential energy exchange.  


Can I bring my pets?

Regrettably no pets allowed due to the open nature of the land and the delicate ecosystem that already thrives there. 

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